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We also offer funeral related products and services, including caskets, urns, cremation memorialization products, Taoist and Buddhist handcrafted paper models, flowers, catering services, photography and other ancillary services. We provide funeral services at our funeral homes, third-party owned funeral homes, churches and the homes of our customers. Our funeral packages are tailored to our customers’ requirements, according to their respective cultural and religious practices.

Our funeral packages are offered both on an as-needed and pre-needed basis. Our ‘as-needed’ products and services are available to customers who require an immediate need for a funeral service upon the demise of their loved ones. On the other hand, our ‘pre-needed’ products and services are made available for customers who wish to preplan their own or their loved ones’ funeral services.

Carrying out a memorial services for the deceased relatives is not only a recollection of the deceased, but also a memory of the soul. By reminiscing about his contribution and dedication during his lifetime, let love be a blessing to life and draw a happy life for the deceased relatives. period.

In the planning of the memorial service, in view of the identity status, career achievements, life wisdom and personality characteristics of the deceased, and the needs and ideas of the family members, whether it is grand or warm and elegant, we can provide tailor-made professional planning and execution, allow family members and close relatives and friends participate in the delicate venue layout and warm atmosphere.






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